Sikkim memoir-final

I was delaying the third chapter deliberately and only reason behind that was the more time I devote in recalling the times spent in Sikkim the less I would miss the place. But everything shall and must pass. After a night's stay in Tashiding, it was time for us to go back to Gangtok. However,... Continue Reading →


Sikkim memoir- chapter 2

As I finish the second chapter of Sikkim memoir, I have moved to Delhi and settled down in a new apartment. It's futile to compare the two places but the huge contrast between the chaos of the city and the tranquility of a small hill station makes an unending conundrum. It was drizzling, they were... Continue Reading →

Sikkim- a memoir (Chapter 1)

I am taking one of the last taxis to M.G. Marg, it shall be one of the last evenings strolls to the busiest landmark of this hill station. As the sun and the clouds are pushing one another for a space in the heaven I sit quietly and sigh while the breeze gently touches me... Continue Reading →


Judima Festival-2nd

The number of times I have traveled to Haflong last year would be more than thrice the number of times I have visited the place before till now. And the reason behind the frequent travels was the second edition of Judima festival. Interestingly, I went to Haflong to attend the maiden edition of Judima festival as... Continue Reading →


As a ‘Jajabor’ in Himachal (Chapter-III)

The streets were getting lonelier, and few of the shop’s were already shut.Some travellers had just arrived here like me, but they seemed to know where they were going as their stay for the night I thought was sorted. But I was yet to search a shelter for the night, and my tummy was screaming... Continue Reading →


As a ‘Jajabor’ in Himachal (Chapter-II)

The bus was small, and since it was morning it didn’t had many passengers either. But the vehicle was going at a speed  which I thought was not appropriate, it was going too fast, speeding at the sharp turns where it should have slowed down a bit. I hold on to my guts and had... Continue Reading →


As a ‘Jajabor’ in Himachal-(Chapter-I)

Finally I could settle down after reaching home and ready with my travel story. I have browsed through the pictures several times which I took during the journey. And I thought writing this piece of travelogue would be easy but now I am in lost of words and even thoughts as to how to begin.... Continue Reading →


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