Sikkim memoir-final

I was delaying the third chapter deliberately and only reason behind that was the more time I devote in recalling the times spent in Sikkim the less I would miss the place. But everything shall and must pass. After a night's stay in Tashiding, it was time for us to go back to Gangtok. However,... Continue Reading →


Sikkim memoir- chapter 2

As I finish the second chapter of Sikkim memoir, I have moved to Delhi and settled down in a new apartment. It's futile to compare the two places but the huge contrast between the chaos of the city and the tranquility of a small hill station makes an unending conundrum. It was drizzling, they were... Continue Reading →

Judima Festival-2nd

The number of times I have traveled to Haflong last year would be more than thrice the number of times I have visited the place before till now. And the reason behind the frequent travels was the second edition of Judima festival. Interestingly, I went to Haflong to attend the maiden edition of Judima festival as... Continue Reading →

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