Stop Procrastinating!

How to stop procrastinating? When you sleep the whole day and are not able to push yourself out of the bed when you repeat the words that "I know but I don't want to but I can't, when you give yourself one million ways of ifs and buts then understand that you have been bitten... Continue Reading →


How to always stay motivated?

The answer to that question is a plain- NO! You can't be motivated all the time or all the day. You cannot always have your peak time when you feel. Because when you are going up you shall come down too. Then what's the point of this question? Why not live life as it comes... Continue Reading →

Meditative journey

“If you have time to breathe you have time to meditate. You breathe when you walk, you breathe when you stand, and you breathe when you lie down.” — Ajahn Amaro It took me a while to understand this, but unless you don’t meet face to face with the realization it takes time to understand what meditation... Continue Reading →

Define your greatness!

Over the past two weeks I have burnt 21,500 calories which is roughly 2.5 kilos of weight, and that means on an average loosing approximately 1 kilos per week. That's not bad at all. Going by the data I believe I shall get there what I am set to do and in the process transform... Continue Reading →

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