Sikkim- a memoir (Chapter 1)

I am taking one of the last taxis to M.G. Marg, it shall be one of the last evenings strolls to the busiest landmark of this hill station. As the sun and the clouds are pushing one another for a space in the heaven I sit quietly and sigh while the breeze gently touches me... Continue Reading →


Judima Festival-2nd

The number of times I have traveled to Haflong last year would be more than thrice the number of times I have visited the place before till now. And the reason behind the frequent travels was the second edition of Judima festival. Interestingly, I went to Haflong to attend the maiden edition of Judima festival as... Continue Reading →

Fearing your Fears!

Fear, the word itself can echo so many emotions that may be visible in the surface or stay hidden in our subconscious mind. It’s a dark and unknown zone where we hesitate to put our foot into. As a behavioral and life skills trainer, it has provided me the opportunity to look closely the unique... Continue Reading →

Those days of Janmastami…

As far as I remember I have never been a God-fearing person but you can perhaps call me a God-loving person, and at times venting out my frustrations and anger at him and even calling him names. It’s a very personal relationship that I share with him and I believe I don’t have to justify... Continue Reading →

Expecting the ‘Expectations’.

The motivation of my write up is triggered by some bittersweet aftertaste which you experience when your expectation doesn’t meet the outcome. You might expect the crystal clear aqua-blue sky with rainbows emerging from a distant valley and you get dark clouds and mist instead. I tell you if what you get in real and what... Continue Reading →

Vacation slake

It was a much needed vacation after slogging hard for the past 6 months. After a lot of speculation and avoiding Shillong as our holiday destination we ended up there. Even after visiting this hill station ample number of times my romance with this place never fades away. Another reason for being biased for this... Continue Reading →

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