The disease that I don’t want to deal with!

"I feel so helpless" "I hate myself, I am an idiot" "Why me?" Do you find these statements familiar? In my interaction with various people in training, and one to one counselling sessions I commonly encounter these two questions- what is the purpose of life, and their¬†inability to accept themselves. The nature of these two... Continue Reading →


Judima Festival-2nd

The number of times I have traveled to Haflong last year would be more than thrice the number of times I have visited the place before till now.¬†And the reason behind the frequent travels was the second edition of Judima festival. Interestingly, I went to Haflong to attend the maiden edition of Judima festival as... Continue Reading →

Begin Again!

That was a very spontaneous thought to name by blog as i did. Writing after a gap of two months and trying to test whether i need any brushing up with my writing skills. Then i let it be, i just let it be like that. If i am able to express, then it's good... Continue Reading →

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