Growing through failures


“Even the knowledge of my own fallibility cannot keep me from making mistakes. Only when I fall do I get up again.”- Vincent van Gogh

Last Sunday Phil Brooks popularly known as CM Punk was debuting in UFC against Mickey Gall. Stakes were high, people were cheering aloud for Punk as he entered the Octagon. He definitely looked pumped up and in great shape, and why not? He retired from professional wrestling and trained for two years to compete in the professional mixed martial arts arena. It was not going to be easy for Punk as he had no formal training on any format of martial arts except some on and off work on Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. However, just like some fairy tale meets a violent death, CM Punk lost the match to submission in less than 3 minutes.

I was disillusioned and was bit upset, the fight could have at least lasted more than a round, and Punk could have shown some resistance. Instead, he was thrown off the ground moments after the bell rang. He clearly looked dejected, defeated and stripped off his pride. I think we may win some fights, and lose some and yet some fights are presented before us to become more humble and stronger.

You may not be successful in achieving every single goal of yours, but it’s important to give your best shot, sweat it out, and channelize all your energy in the process of what needs to be done to reach your pinnacle. When Punk decided to give up wrestling and train for UFC he simply got out of his comfort zone, and that’s a great accomplishment. When you get out of your comfort zone and go after the goals that you have set for yourself the amount of transformation that takes place is magical. The end result might just be different against your expectation but I don’t care.

All of these years I have been searching for my moment of triumph, and it has been a journey of trying circumstances and perseverance. I am far away from home but I continue to learn through my mistakes. Every single day I wake up with the idea of achieving greatness, and that idea of greatness might not be scaling an Everest or becoming a millionaire but all the goals that I have set for myself and gradually achieving them one by one which is dedicated for the personal growth.

Don’t let others define your success!

David Ferrer, one of the most accomplished tennis player in the world might not have any grand slam titles in his kitty, but he still holds the astonishing figure of 685 singles wins, and only three other active players namely Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, and Djokovic have more singles wins than him. Recently in a press release he said, “I don’t have a Grand Slam because I don’t deserve it.” It is definitely not easy to be that brutally honest with yourself but I believe it is so important for your personal growth, and to know where your success lies- to understand where is what is your ‘success quotient’. Success is very personal and one doesn’t have to justify to anyone what it means to him/her. Remember, let not the society define your success, let you not limit yourself in any bracket of success as success is limitless.

 I have failed several times, got hit by life in the face but I know it’s not about “how hard you can hit but how hard you can get hit but still can get up, and give back your best shot.”  In search of non-conventional ways I have always looked to take up new ideas, and I have never shy away from challenging myself. I have always faced my fears upfront. I still remember my first job that I picked right after my college. The job was of door to door salesman and sell those oxford publication books. Being extremely shy I used to get jitters while approaching people to buy those books. But I kept going door to door, knocking and trying to sell the books, at times they would abuse me and ask me to get out of their place. But I grew stronger and firm. Although I couldn’t sell many books, it certainly helped me to come out of my timid nature. I realized, self-esteem and attitude are the foundation for my personal growth. Many years later I felt a sense of accomplishment when I was adjudged as one of the best trainer and presenter in one of the corporate TTT (train the trainer) programs.

Two years back when I planned to start my café, that decision was in itself a big leap for me. Nobody in my family had any experience of starting any venture before. Therefore, it was a big decision to start something on my own. I decided to apply for a bank loan to initiate my business venture, and put my stake by utilizing my own savings and borrowing money from home. I was very excited after meeting the bank manager as he showed great enthusiasm. At times Murphy’s Law works seriously against you, when everything was going fine my loan application was rejected at the last stage, I was devastated.


When the bank rejected my loan application I was in a fix, but I didn’t give up and I went on. Yes, I had to re-define my strategy, and re-work on all the operational plans and devise a different set of outlook for the project. Suddenly I was left all alone and forced to play the multifaceted role of an interior designer, an assistant to the carpenter, an assistant to the painter, and later a novice assistant chef in the kitchen. It also gave me an opportunity to collaborate with my talented friends who offered their services pro bono. In a way the café was first of its kind as it planned to promote aspiring artists- musicians, magicians, painters, speakers and rappers and give them the much needed attention through open space platform. However, your brilliant ideas and matchless grandeur does not guarantee sure shot success.

The venture pulled off well initially, and managed to occupy some space on the print media as well. The café was gradually nurturing its own USP. On one side it was generating all the goodwill and rapport of being one of the unique cafés and on the other side I was facing acute fund crunch. Moreover, the café was not able to generate the revenue to sustain itself. After one and half years of operation I had to part ways with the cafeteria due to operational losses, and I didn’t had enough money to back it up.

I had to fight huge financial losses and emotional turmoil amounting to depression but I didn’t give up. Afterwards, my major chunk of money would go to pay back the money for a year which I borrowed from my friends and well-wishers, I am yet to pay few of my friends in full. I either can get depressed about it or can shut up and do something about it. Why not face you failures then? Why not embrace them and become stronger? I felt defeated but I am still here- alive!

So I continue doing what I do best, I continue to search for my inner giant. Let others talk behind you, let others define your success, but does it matter for you? If yes, stop dreaming, and stop reading, go back to your cubicle and adjust to your boss’s whine. But if you are a dreamer then dream strong, dream big. This write up is a witness to my journey, it’s a journal towards success, because I am getting ready, it doesn’t matter how many times I fall, and how many times I fail I will be there.

At this moment, I pause for a while and look back on all the small and insignificant looking accomplishments which has made me the person that I am today. I am nowhere near my Shangri-La, and I don’t know when I will get there. Perhaps I will know by myself when I reach there. This write-up is not to about tell you my hardships or accomplishments but as momentary stop and to remind myself that I am capable of achieving that I want to, to be what I wish to, and same goes for you too. When I reach the summit I will open this story and go through it once more, to tell the demons inside me that, “see, I am finally here!”

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