The gift!

You are reading the second chapter of the ten story-series of heartache which never saw the light of the day. Life is not a bed of roses literally, we store so many stories of our past in some forgotten corners of our heart, I am just trying to re-visit them as a tribute to all my friends and strangers whose tale are never known or perhaps long forgotten. The ten-chapter series is a work of fiction. There resemblance with any person living or dead might not be coincidence, anything can happen- this if life!

Here’s the second one…

The conversation between the bride’s father and that of the groom’s was needlessly getting intense over several pegs of whiskey, “Madhab, the wedding of our children will be in such a grandeur way that every person alive in Tinsukia shall remember in their many lifetimes to come”. Dipen was Madhab’s childhood pal and now to be the groom’s father, he replied, “Don’t worry my friend, I will decorate the entire town with lilies and chrysanthemum and invite all the humankind present in the town and throw a feast that their seven generations will remember”. The pride and superbia was very much present in the pre-wedding plans between the two heads of the most affluent families of Tinsukia.

Anamika and Anjuman grew-up together and we can say they were besties since their birth.  If you believe in the concept of ‘soul-mate’, then probably they spotted each other from the days of their innocence, they were inseparable. Unlike the love of two individuals who meet each other somewhere in the boulevard of life and fall in love, their bond was like the continuance of an ever-existing passion from a previous birth. When they were toddlers everyone felt these two kids indeed are special for each other. As they grew older their affinity for each other only grew stronger, by the time they attained their puberty their bond trespassed into intimacy. And unfortunately, there was no villain to make a dent in the story, so there was no climax of bashing up the bad guy, and the fairytale story of how the prince and princess lived happily ever after.

However, their families were more than happy and excited of the union, besides, it was a great opportunity to take the years of friendship between the two families to the next level. Saikias and Sonowals owned acres of tea estates and both of them were men of property. Anamika was the only child of the Saikias and needless to say that along with affluence there was love in abundance, she was raised devoid of the idea of penury. She was never a demanding type though, she was untouched by all the vices that can corrupt anyone who is born to a family of immense wealth. She in fact grew up to be a woman of poise who naturally commands respect. Anjuman was the eldest of the two sons of Sonowal family. He grew up to be a handsome man and possessed all the qualities of a gentleman. Both the families were bestowed with opulence of unmatched stature of both tangible and intangible riches. Considering everything this was a match which was perhaps made in heaven, only the demigods were left to come down and witness the remaining ceremonial proceedings.

Sometimes the biggest villain in our life is right within us, it looks out for the right moment to strike its prey, it thrives on the weakness of the frail nature of men and it shows up in the form of ego. It results into fatality and leaves behind a trail of blood that further stenches your very presence.

“Dipen, I will be giving away my only child to you and I will make sure that she goes to your place with all the comfort”, looking confused by what his friend actually meant, he replied, “Madhab, by God’s grace we have everything, and rest assured she is more than a daughter-in-law, don’t worry my friend”. “I know my biggest well-wisher, and I will be damned if I even for a second I doubt how my daughter will be treated by her in-laws. But it’s a norm in the family to send-off the daughters with a king-size bed made of cider wood. And I will not break this family custom that has been existing since ages”. “I am afraid, you have to break that ever existing tradition, I won’t accept even a penny from you let alone a ‘king-size’ bed”. “You don’t have to accept anything but I will procure the bed to gift my daughter”. “Forget it, there won’t be any exchange of gifts”. “But I am not gifting you, it is for the couple”.

One could sense the rising tension in the ambience, both were unwilling to bog down from their stand, and both these gentlemen were famous for their stubborn nature. They would lay down their lives but they won’t let go of their ego. One wanted to gift his daughter and the other would not accept, and all of a sudden the years of friendship took an unusual turn which was in itself farce. By now, the conversation shifted into an argument and gradually turned into an altercation.

“I will see who stops me from gifting the bed to my daughter”.

“You fool, why don’t you understand? We don’t need any gifts, rather make one for yourself and sleep on it with your wife”.

Madhab’s anger knew no bounds now, and he announced-

“To hell with this marriage, I won’t give my daughter to your son, you guys go to hell”.

“Who are you to cancel? In fact, I won’t allow my son to see your daughter anymore, be with your bed”.

Who would have thought that the years of friendship and fondness for one another would meet its end in this manner? All their possible nightmares were turning out to be true, it was a travesty in its highest stature.

After weeks of total solitude by both the families, Anjuman and Anamika decided to meet on a neutral ground and call it a truce. After half-an-hour of conversation of uncomfortable nature, they started aiming the cannonballs of blame to each other. “If my father wants to gift me something then what is the problem with your father?” “Don’t get me started, we won’t accept even a single piece of grain from your family”. The truce was very much a failure.

One can only visualize how the to-be groom and the bride would elope after learning the unfortunate turn of events. But, nothing that sort of adventurous move was undertaken, they accepted their father’s decision willingly, of course they blamed one another for this debacle.

Some say love is overrated, but what has love anything to do with the vices of a men, vice so deeply rooted within. What one thinks is of futile exercise, wise men say whatever you believe in is true- you want to see the light of the day or take peace in the darkness both are fine in their own perspectives.

Few years later, both of them got married, not to each other, but to someone else. Bride’s father could gift his daughter a king-sized bed, he looked very content on the marriage day. Similarly, the wedding of the groom was also solemnized in a grand fashion, of course the father didn’t accept even a single gift from the bride’s family. Whether Anjuman and Animika were thinking of each other when they exchanged garlands with their partners was something only they could tell…

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  1. Yo ho!
    bro m back with a small intention to Xpress how i felt walking thru the 1st short colourful story…😊 only smile could Xpress this, it just happend to recall n open my wardrobe of hidden memory ,
    read the 2nd chapter..n i eagerly wait for other new chapters to come, what more dun know why ? But rememberd a line from the movie “forest gump” ” lifes is a box of chocolates,u never know what’s gona come next” hahaha…keep up d gud work.

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