Thread of a lifetime bound together- a memoir

Friends this will be long, and I would really feel delighted if you take out some time to go through it, especially those whom I have tagged. I shy away from symbolic gestures, and at times even avoid people these days because I have become a person who loves his solitude. Having said that it doesn’t stop me from remembering all those people whom I have encountered in various phases of life. And, I had this restlessness to express. Therefore, this write up is dedicated to all my friends as memoir of the bond called friendship or whatever you would like to call.

It was in the year 1989 when I was studying in Pragjyotish Boripara I met a boy in my nursery class (there were no preparatory classes back then) named Pintu Bhattacharjee. He used to fold his sleeves till the elbow in a peculiar way, I still remember his tiny features, although we more or less kind of shared the same feature but he was tinier than others, and he was my ‘best friend’. We used to share our tiffin during the lunch break, and we understood each other well. We lost contact when we shifted our home and I took admission in K.V. Maligaon. Ever since that day and till now I don’t know his whereabouts, no, the social media network didn’t help me either. I just hope he is alive, and probably he remembers me too just the way I do.

I think Arunjyoti Deori aka Kon was the first person whom I have met the earliest and our bond is still fresh like the morning dew. It was in the year 1990 when Deori family came to meet Doulagupu family and I played the whole day with Deori brothers. It won’t be incorrect to say that we grew up together. In fact, we spent the glorious 12 years of school together, of course it is also a fact that every time he soiled his pants I had to call his home and deal with it, after all I was also the class monitor. Most of my friends know how talented Deori brothers are, and their drawings were something which awed the whole school. Varun, his elder brother was genius (now he is happily married with his love and father of a lovely son) in was a gifted soul. I remember, how we used to ride cycle, fly kites (I would just watch you guys fly, I still don’t know the trick) together and try to pick some projects to make hot air balloon from my science project digest. Those days’ evenings were only about cricket…yes street cricket with the cosco ball. And, oh boy, how proud we used to feel when we scored runs and took a wicket. I miss those days, and if I can go back, I would probably go back to those days.

I guess back then everybody knew our friendship Satyajit…I feel strange writing about you, and I don’t know why but I have to do this, these word are mere expressions and expressions are always deceiving. It was probably in 5th standard that we came so close, we were class monitors then. Our favorite moment was narrating stories of movies that we would watch in the theatres nearby, there were only two theatres-Anupama and Pragjyotish, they have demolished Anupama and built an apartment instead. We would always have our lunch together and whenever we would not, I would feel whether something is wrong. Once, I ate the apple that you brought, you were suffering from some fever and your jaws were swollen, next day I came to school with my jaws swollen. We grew up so fast and the person who joined us next was Subhankar…

We had our differences in the initial days, those silly fights but when we came close I had one of my best times. Every evening we would spend time talking about UFO’s, aliens, laws of physics, metaphysics and about the galaxies. We three became inseparable, I miss those long walks in the misty winter nights. We would go for a long stroll, there was some unexplainable magic in that moment. You guys probably remember my red Nike pull over. We three were one of the initial owners of Ranger swing- the cycle with Shimano gears, and we took such a pride flaunting it on the streets of Maligaon.


After 10th I took a different stream and got separated from you two. Although it was a virtual separation only, but some things really distanced us. I miss them, and I miss you guys, it’s actually not possible to be the same again. But I remember and wish that you do the same. May be someday when our hearts are sown back together, perhaps we would sit and click some glasses of wine together and talk about all the old memories we created on the way.

I remember you fondly Samuel, but I am not sure about you. You were the first person with whom I learnt the first chords of guitar and sang songs. We used to talk and giggle sitting at the last row in the class. Exchanging cassettes of different albums, and took my first puff of cigarette with you.

Debarun, I don’t know where the hell are you. You brought one of the most important turning point in my life when you introduced ISKCON to me, but that also became my nemesis later. I was like the other son in your family, I miss that, I really do. Where have you vanished?

Abhijan, I like you more with your moustache, but you wouldn’t listen. Remember, how we used to sing Lucky Ali’s song…’O sanam, teri yaadon ki kasam’.. it still puts a smile on my face. The combined study of accountancies, and how it would turn into a discussion of dilemma of not being able to express our love to our crushes. I miss Monalisha who used to read my palm and tell me interesting things about my future, although I don’t remember anything materializing but I miss you, I heard you went missing from your hometown Nagpur, I pray that wherever you are may you find peace and protection. I remember that quite girl called Mili, I at times would think how dumbo she was in those days. But it was your innocence only that has made you so spiritually inclined. I am glad we are still in touch.

Then came the college days, and I met you Abhishek in the first week of my college. You would take half an hour to finish a vegetable wrap, by that time I would already have finished two. I remember when I inspired you to go ahead and talk to your crush and you simply destroyed all my instructions, you were so shy, and you still are. You have stood by my in all my desperate times, you have supported me in all decisions whether it went right or wrong, this is also a moment when I say ‘thank you’ for all the things that you have done for me, I am indebted to you, and I love you.

Dipankar, I met you on the first day of my college, and connected straight away. We don’t talk much now, but that’s alright, we become busy as we grow old. Those unforgiving, sadistic winter nights of Delhi, we have drank our share of liquor together and shared the joys and sorrows. I remember getting drunk with you and sobbing on each other’s shoulders. It feels so funny now.

Diana, I think this is the first time I am calling you with that name of yours after ages. I cherish our days in Convergys. You remember when we went out for lunch in the café (I was going through my vegetarian phase then)? The way you respond to my doubts and questions, at times becoming my punching bag I think no one could do…thankfully, you are still there. We have supported each other well and having known you for nearly a decade now is a blessing. I love you…dholu.

Shivam, I know we shall remain family till we are buried in ash. You know very well my mother loves you more than me. You know how to make her happy. I have to thank Megha for letting you hijack from her. We don’t have to chatter over the phone, we know we are there for each other. I remember the nuance we created in Jorhat circuit house, at times I regret but I love that. You literally were there when my life was into a deep shit, but you pulled me out. I am sure we would kick some more asses in the days to come.

 These expressions are not random but I think of them every now and then. They linger in my heart and at times bother me with a tinge of nostalgia. Those friends who are long gone I remember you too, yet some friends are lost in the oblivion, they have left us with some beautiful lessons, lessons to learn and smile back at them. I have always found solace in expressing myself and that’s what I have tried to do it here, you guys stay happy wherever you are, and whatever you do.

*Image is taken from Google images.


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