Food inspiration!

Food and Art are always a source of inspiration. Nothing is more engrossing and as satisfying than mixing the spices, blending the batter, and yes, grilling the chunk of meat on the grill pan. When the canvas is drenched with different shades of silent expressions it gives us the pleasure that cannot derive elsewhere. Both the elements are inspired by nature, and in fact its nature’s gift to us.

Whenever, I  am stressed out, a bit upset or too bored I pick up one of the two passions. It gives me the potion of motivation to carry on. Today being one of those typical lazy Sundays I decided to make a sandwich for myself. Before I start baking full time again it shall also give me a hands on to prepare different dishes.

Cheesy green sandwich with broccoli froth


I love winters and one of the million reasons being that we get so many veggies, herbs and leafs that we happily skip the meat and other poultry products. The featured sandwich contains mashed peas tendered with coriander and mixed with Kanya seasoning.

Alright, here are the ingredients:

For, sandwich-

  1. Three slices of bread.
  2. Four slices of cheese (I used the regular).
  3. Peas (Quantity as per your requirement).
  4. Butter.
  5. Extra virgin olive oil.
  6. Coriander.

I used frozen peas, so kept them in room temperature for 15 minutes before blending them to reduce them into a thick paste (don’t forget to add coriander, and any seasoning you like. Remember, you don’t need a consistent paste.

Then warm a non-stick pan, pour some extra-virgin olive oil, when it is warm put a chunk of butter.  Toss the paste in the pan, let the juices of oil and the paste blend together. Be careful not to fry it. Be gentle!

Now stuff the paste and put the slices of cheese on both floors of the bread. Its time for the sandwich to get toasted, I used the pan rather than doing it in an oven.

Broccoli stew:

This one’s a heart breaker and my favorite! Cut the broccoli into desired pieces, add thin pieces of carrots and of course peas. Make a frothy thick soup. Add desired spices and herbs.

It was fun and it certainly added some sparks in this dull looking Sunday. Love!




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