Few Passing Thoughts…

Couple of hours to say Adios to this year, and I would like to pause a while and look back as to see all the moments of joy and sorrow, and most importantly my learning from the varied experiences. 2015 saw some hardships and some moments of triumphs, starting from failing in my first attempt to set up my business to learning new ways of handling things in the workplace. Moreover, some bonds grew stronger, met new friends and yet some fade away in my long distant memory.

Work hard but be wise- This is a lesson for all the aspiring entrepreneurs, I was very excited about Pink Cherry Bubble cafe and I thought it would do good in the long run. Initially when the bank denied me a loan I decided to go forward and utilize the savings and a loan from home. And after working my butts off for an year the place was ready. I did every possible thing to make the place survive the thrive. Our cupcakes and cakes were loved. We even collaborated with south Indian fellow who specialized in Italian cuisines. I did some strategical mistake which proved to be costly like in selecting the location, not enough financial buffer. After running the place for an year I had to let it go, this was one of the toughest decision that I had to take. In the process I have become a conversant in baking. I am putting my thoughts and plans together to come back with Pink Cherry Bubble again.

Friends are your biggest wealth- I don’t have to reiterate that, do I? Of late I have met and made many friends and well-wishers without whom I would say life would be pretty much meaningless. Yes, you will meet people who in disguise of a friend will let you down, and erode your trust but you will know it who are there to stay. I have started to come out of shell and now I am always there for friends and I do care. I have found mine and all the paradigm shift related with it I owe it to my lady love.

All my hardships and pain disappear when I am with my lady, she has been a blessing and this bond is growing stronger with each year passing by. As I wave goodbye to this year I would like to recall what she once told me when I was loosing cool on something, “love, when you loose patience, just remember that that whatever you are going through it is always better than counting the number of male pigs and female pigs”

With this thought I would like to affirm that I will get better as I journey further in life, that I would live my life in my own terms and spread love and joy. Wish all my dear friends a very meaningful and wonderful year ahead!


4 thoughts on “Few Passing Thoughts…

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  1. I am sure you will come bigger, stronger and wiser 🙂
    I should thank you and PCB because when I felt low I went there. There I found a friend like you and comfort food to feel happy.
    Happy New Year!


  2. Ur write up has touched my heart ….. it shows the person u r from inside…. I m blessed to have met u in person…. thanks to Noel for introducing me to u


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