Vacation slake

It was a much needed vacation after slogging hard for the past 6 months. After a lot of speculation and avoiding Shillong as our holiday destination we ended up there. Even after visiting this hill station ample number of times my romance with this place never fades away. Another reason for being biased for this place is because this is where Megha and me started our courtship, and we never looked backed except for some pauses  which we would just scroll back to revisit some of the beautiful memories that we created.

Shillong, in this time of year comes all the more alive as you can hear Christmas carols being played, aroma of the plum cakes getting baked and not to forget the cheerful people greeting you with a smile while you take a stroll through the busy streets of Police Bazaar.

Away from the busy and noisy suburb we decided to stay in upper Shillong, this part of the hill station is my favorite with its beautiful landscape that provides a scenic view of the whole of Shillong. However, the temperature dips down more than usual in this part of the station after dark.

Upper Shillong
We stayed in a small but cozy inn, and since we were the only guests we knew that it was going to be a pleasant and peaceful stay. The moment we reached, we knew that we would like to come back to this place time and again. However, our stay was mixed with a strange behavior of the caretaker of the property. Except for the fact that she was a great cook (she did the cooking as well), she was kinda rude to us. We have been to almost all the guest houses and inns in Shillong but don’t have distasteful memories with any. This was a different experience though, the lady was almost dictating us, and she abruptly denied to give me a piece of lemon when I asked for it after having dinner. As the rooms are built adjacent to the terrace we have to go down every time if we need something. On the first day seeing her working alone we in fact offered our help in the kitchen and she replied with a cold ‘no’. The whole affair tells a lot about human interaction and behavior, and how it goes on to form our opinion about people. If we have to empathize with her, we would like to assume that something must have gone wrong or may be she was upset with something which lead her to behave like that.

Taken with Lumia Selfie

I believe your interaction with your surroundings says a lot about you, and I don’t think a little gesture of kindness and love will cost us much. This small glitch didn’t deter us to have a gala time there. We did loads of shopping for our loved ones and of course for ourselves, not forgetting the priceless times we had.

Hereby, wishing all my readers and friends a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



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