The thing called ‘Spreading a little bit of joy’!

I am back again and continuing with what I love most, keeping things to myself in my own imaginative world and writing my heart out. In fact, I am writing after two months and felt I was forcefully taking a sabbatical(thanks to my stubborn laptop). Winter is already here and to top that we have some occasional rains too. December is all about joy, laughter and sharing, when Christmas is round the corner you can feel the ecstasy in the air.

The last month of this year is a bunch of surprises. And I am so joyful to experience that I am surrounded by people who cares for me so much. Like so many from our generation we have grown up listening MLTR-Michael Learns To Rock and as a matter of fact theirs was the first cassette I got as a gift from mom, and there are wonderful memories attached to their songs. This is for the first time they are visiting my city and no wonder I am excited.¬† To my disappointment I couldn’t get any passes for the concerts except the VIP passes which were coming to ten thousand rupees which is approximately $150. I couldn’t afford that much. However, day before a friend of mine called me up and said he had an important thing to share with me, when I went to see him, he gifted a single entry pass for the concert. This little act of sharing has so profound impact in human bonding and happiness. Oh boy, and this will be my first music concert.


To add it up, my fiance often surprises me with something or the other, lightening and adding life to our mundane affairs of life. Yesterday she surprised me again by gifting me a smart phone. She always tells me that ‘gifting someone is not about materialistic gains or favor, the idea behind is the emotions attached to it’. So true.

I also owe a big one to my fried Noel who bailed me out after the law issued a warrant against me for missing out to appear in the court to pay fine for not wearing helmet. I will be off to court in sometime to pay the my dues. But never-mind, to err is human.

I believe its my turn to gift someone and my friends I would also encourage you to do the same. To add joy to someone’s life, to give someone a little share of joy.


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