Few Passing Thoughts…

Couple of hours to say Adios to this year, and I would like to pause a while and look back as to see all the moments of joy and sorrow, and most importantly my learning from the varied experiences. 2015 saw some hardships and some moments of triumphs, starting from failing in my first attempt... Continue Reading →


Vacation slake

It was a much needed vacation after slogging hard for the past 6 months. After a lot of speculation and avoiding Shillong as our holiday destination we ended up there. Even after visiting this hill station ample number of times my romance with this place never fades away. Another reason for being biased for this... Continue Reading →

The thing called ‘Spreading a little bit of joy’!

I am back again and continuing with what I love most, keeping things to myself in my own imaginative world and writing my heart out. In fact, I am writing after two months and felt I was forcefully taking a sabbatical(thanks to my stubborn laptop). Winter is already here and to top that we have... Continue Reading →


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