Few Passing Thoughts…

Few Passing Thoughts…

Couple of hours to say Adios to this year, and I would like to pause a while and look back as to see all the moments of joy and sorrow, and most importantly my learning from the varied experiences. 2015 saw some hardships and some moments of triumphs, starting from failing in my first attempt to set up my business to learning new ways of handling things in the workplace. Moreover, some bonds grew stronger, met new friends and yet some fade away in my long distant memory.

Work hard but be wise- This is a lesson for all the aspiring entrepreneurs, I was very excited about Pink Cherry Bubble cafe and I thought it would do good in the long run. Initially when the bank denied me a loan I decided to go forward and utilize the savings and a loan from home. And after working my butts off for an year the place was ready. I did every possible thing to make the place survive the thrive. Our cupcakes and cakes were loved. We even collaborated with south Indian fellow who specialized in Italian cuisines. I did some strategical mistake which proved to be costly like in selecting the location, not enough financial buffer. After running the place for an year I had to let it go, this was one of the toughest decision that I had to take. In the process I have become a conversant in baking. I am putting my thoughts and plans together to come back with Pink Cherry Bubble again.

Friends are your biggest wealth- I don’t have to reiterate that, do I? Of late I have met and made many friends and well-wishers without whom I would say life would be pretty much meaningless. Yes, you will meet people who in disguise of a friend will let you down, and erode your trust but you will know it who are there to stay. I have started to come out of shell and now I am always there for friends and I do care. I have found mine and all the paradigm shift related with it I owe it to my lady love.

All my hardships and pain disappear when I am with my lady, she has been a blessing and this bond is growing stronger with each year passing by. As I wave goodbye to this year I would like to recall what she once told me when I was loosing cool on something, “love, when you loose patience, just remember that that whatever you are going through it is always better than counting the number of male pigs and female pigs”

With this thought I would like to affirm that I will get better as I journey further in life, that I would live my life in my own terms and spread love and joy. Wish all my dear friends a very meaningful and wonderful year ahead!


Vacation slake

Vacation slake

It was a much needed vacation after slogging hard for the past 6 months. After a lot of speculation and avoiding Shillong as our holiday destination we ended up there. Even after visiting this hill station ample number of times my romance with this place never fades away. Another reason for being biased for this place is because this is where Megha and me started our courtship, and we never looked backed except for some pauses  which we would just scroll back to revisit some of the beautiful memories that we created.

Shillong, in this time of year comes all the more alive as you can hear Christmas carols being played, aroma of the plum cakes getting baked and not to forget the cheerful people greeting you with a smile while you take a stroll through the busy streets of Police Bazaar.

Away from the busy and noisy suburb we decided to stay in upper Shillong, this part of the hill station is my favorite with its beautiful landscape that provides a scenic view of the whole of Shillong. However, the temperature dips down more than usual in this part of the station after dark.

Upper Shillong
We stayed in a small but cozy inn, and since we were the only guests we knew that it was going to be a pleasant and peaceful stay. The moment we reached, we knew that we would like to come back to this place time and again. However, our stay was mixed with a strange behavior of the caretaker of the property. Except for the fact that she was a great cook (she did the cooking as well), she was kinda rude to us. We have been to almost all the guest houses and inns in Shillong but don’t have distasteful memories with any. This was a different experience though, the lady was almost dictating us, and she abruptly denied to give me a piece of lemon when I asked for it after having dinner. As the rooms are built adjacent to the terrace we have to go down every time if we need something. On the first day seeing her working alone we in fact offered our help in the kitchen and she replied with a cold ‘no’. The whole affair tells a lot about human interaction and behavior, and how it goes on to form our opinion about people. If we have to empathize with her, we would like to assume that something must have gone wrong or may be she was upset with something which lead her to behave like that.

Taken with Lumia Selfie

I believe your interaction with your surroundings says a lot about you, and I don’t think a little gesture of kindness and love will cost us much. This small glitch didn’t deter us to have a gala time there. We did loads of shopping for our loved ones and of course for ourselves, not forgetting the priceless times we had.

Hereby, wishing all my readers and friends a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


The thing called ‘Spreading a little bit of joy’!

I am back again and continuing with what I love most, keeping things to myself in my own imaginative world and writing my heart out. In fact, I am writing after two months and felt I was forcefully taking a sabbatical(thanks to my stubborn laptop). Winter is already here and to top that we have some occasional rains too. December is all about joy, laughter and sharing, when Christmas is round the corner you can feel the ecstasy in the air.

The last month of this year is a bunch of surprises. And I am so joyful to experience that I am surrounded by people who cares for me so much. Like so many from our generation we have grown up listening MLTR-Michael Learns To Rock and as a matter of fact theirs was the first cassette I got as a gift from mom, and there are wonderful memories attached to their songs. This is for the first time they are visiting my city and no wonder I am excited.¬† To my disappointment I couldn’t get any passes for the concerts except the VIP passes which were coming to ten thousand rupees which is approximately $150. I couldn’t afford that much. However, day before a friend of mine called me up and said he had an important thing to share with me, when I went to see him, he gifted a single entry pass for the concert. This little act of sharing has so profound impact in human bonding and happiness. Oh boy, and this will be my first music concert.


To add it up, my fiance often surprises me with something or the other, lightening and adding life to our mundane affairs of life. Yesterday she surprised me again by gifting me a smart phone. She always tells me that ‘gifting someone is not about materialistic gains or favor, the idea behind is the emotions attached to it’. So true.

I also owe a big one to my fried Noel who bailed me out after the law issued a warrant against me for missing out to appear in the court to pay fine for not wearing helmet. I will be off to court in sometime to pay the my dues. But never-mind, to err is human.

I believe its my turn to gift someone and my friends I would also encourage you to do the same. To add joy to someone’s life, to give someone a little share of joy.