The First Step is becoming aware!

“Be The Change You Want To See In The World”

`Mahatma Gandhi~

Today was my third climb to Nilachal since the day I have started visiting the hill every weekend. As I write this piece I am exhausted and every bone in my body is shouting out at me to take a break, my mind is asking why do I have to endure the pain and walk that extra mile? Why do I have to wake up early in my off-days and not sleep for couple of hours more? Although I am very tired today, I am spirited and inspired and I am regularly following this routine, I am transforming myself both my mind and body. In fact I see that as I work on my body and grinding every day and night, my mind is also responding to it, I guess the best way to shut up all the negative talks in your head is to not giving enough time to it at all.

Rise and Shine (clicked near Kamakhya Temple)

The pedometer clocked at 16283 steps which is roughly 12.4 km when I reached back home. The climb was slow but steady. One good thing about these morning session of long walks is that I get to spend insightful time with myself where I can not only reflect on all the positive and negative aspect of the days gone by but also different ways of working upon my weak areas and making myself stronger. It also gives us ample time to observe nature around us, different situations occurring at real-time with starring different people around us. At times I get fidgety on what I see, at times it inspires the moment which I carry it forward, and at times it leaves me with a blank face for me to decide my judgment.

I am not a Gandhian but yes I do believe in being the change rather than expecting the world to change. When I see insensitivity, vice, hatred, greed around me (I am not even mentioning I am free of it) I try to become sensitive towards others, I would like to be more loving, generous and humble. At the same time work on myself in such level that when I happen to look at myself I look in awe.

I forgot to smile while I took this selfie! :/

I wonder how it would have been if the creator while sending us here in this planet would fit our head with a chip with predefined set of information such as what is our purpose in life, set of instructions on how to achieve it, and define success for us. But He left that part on us and on our free will because sooner or later we all shall bloom in our own glory of realization. Good news is there’s no chip and there’s no predefined set of instructions or guide to understand the very purpose of life. However, one trigger of awareness is enough to wake us up from our deep slumber, when that happens something within us gets ready for transformation. The only barrier is you standing against that change!

30 years have gone by haunting me every now and then with the constant question what and why am I here for and what’s my purpose in life? What’s my life’s calling? Here I am with my answers although still in the making but I know how the end shall look like, and ever since I have got the answers to it I have been continuously grinding myself. Yet, way to go!


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  1. Nice read. Its a beautiful life and we are so lucky to be able to comprehend such work of nature around us. Our nature is in being bliss, somewhere along the path, we seem to have forgotten or lost it. Our ability to constantly evolve ourselves is the key to reach enlightenment. Relish the moments. Cheers.

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