Define your greatness!

Over the past two weeks I have burnt 21,500 calories which is roughly 2.5 kilos of weight, and that means on an average loosing approximately 1 kilos per week. That’s not bad at all. Going by the data I believe I shall get there what I am set to do and in the process transform myself. Some more months back I was surrounded by my own doubts and used to procrastinate, I belonged to the league of suckers. But as life takes the better of you, you are shaken and rocked by the difficulties you face, challenges you want to overcome and doubt your guts, and think that you might not achieve what you have been thinking all these years. As Les Brown says, ‘when you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired you start to change for real, you find ways to alter your ordinary life and transform into an extraordinary one’. I still doubt but I have changed the victim this time- I doubt the doubt itself, and I know I can achieve anything and everything in life.

What good is it if you can’t find your true potential and work on it? Every single day, every moment I now think ways to better myself, I know that will take some time and I have to be patient. But patience is a virtue we all need to learn and develop. There have been times when I gave up on so many things, work, some project, relationships, some promises, healthy lifestyle, but not anymore. When you embrace your pain something magical happens, you become a different person, alert, aware and ready to demolish any obstacles that come in your path to success.

Couple of days back someone asked me, ‘Rajiv, you talk about greatness, what kind of greatness you want to achieve, how much successful I want to become?’. Greatness is what greatness does, it doesn’t matter what you do, whether you work in a cubicle, own a business, or a bodybuilder, greatness is how much you are putting your heart and soul into what you do, it is the whole idea of transformation. Eventually you shall get what you are looking for, but it is the whole idea and the process of it and how much effort you are putting into it that shall define your greatness.

I am a trainer, baker and seeker and I am here to empower myself, equip myself in all possible ways to grow, to transform until I become the real me. Doubters shall doubt, I don’t care. What I care is the ‘why’ of things. Remember nobody hits you harder than life, at times life will hit you so bad and hard  right in your face that you will not feel or have the energy to get up. That time your ‘why’ shall lift you up, your ‘why’ shall shake you and shout to you that ‘you haven’t come this far to give up, you haven’t come this far to say that you can’t get up anymore’, make your ‘whys’ strong and you shall get there.



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