Life as it is happening right now…

Life is moving so fast, whenever I flip around the photo album of yesteryears I always tend to see a little different of me. I compare my pictures taken on different time-span and find that I look so different in all of them. I remember when as a child my elders would ask me, ‘Dear, what would you like to become when you grow up?’ I would reply them, ‘An astronaut’. May be at that point of time I was fascinated by the starry sky, listening about the planets, knowing facts about space. But that aspiration didn’t last for long And before you realize what hit you the moments become days, days become weeks, and they turn into years. All the goals that you set for yourself still remains there decaying and dying a slow death. That’s scary, isn’t? That might become true even if you don’t work on them- on your goals, on your dreams.

When I saw my mother staring through the window, crying silently, I could just guess what must be going on in her mind and heart back then. A kind of estranged feeling she felt may be, may be she was confused how to raise her two kids- one who was already in his teens and another who just cleared his Kindergarten. Anyone would have felt the same after loosing one’s life-partner so early. I recall the time when she was working in the Railway Canteen as a cashier for couple of years when she got the job in Railways on compassionate grounds after father’s death. It was not easy. I look back the time then and look at the time now and think about the little joys and sparks of success being created in the process. I call them- ‘moments in the making’…yes, moments in the making of what I am becoming and what i can become.

After father’s demise i was overburdened with the thought of taking responsibilities of the family. So, I was waiting anxiously to graduate and get a job anyhow possible. My goal was simple, to ease the load from mother.and help her in all possible ways. But I was not well-equipped to do that. I realized that I have to come out of my cocoon and face the world, so I joined something which would mandatory require interacting with people- I started working as a salesman, visiting house after house, by-lane after by-lane, looking for prospective buyers who would buy from me. The commission per book was set at Rs 75. After working for couple of months I could sell just 2 books, which was pathetic. Some of the households would be unwelcoming as just they can be and they would simply shove me away. Well if not for anything else, I at least tried to hammer the first hit on my shell.

I first got my break in an International BPO after couple of months. Life was moving so fast. I got the chance to train the aspiring BPO candidates, and then I realized that I wanted to live a life inspiring and motivating others; to make a profound difference in people’s life. Hence, I found my first passion. Few years later, I got the opportunity to complete my Post Graduation in human resource too. However, at times I have the tendency to hide inside my shell and stuck there for some time. But that’s how life is, never easy, if it would have been easy everyone would have got what they wanted. In the meantime I kept on inspiring myself to create something unique, something that I love. When I was working on the project of starting my own cafeteria I somehow bumped into the idea of baking my own cakes.



As they say it when you genuinely wish to do something, the heaven above conspires everything to bring it down to you. When I was searching for a chef I bumped into Hina where she put up a stall in a cake and pastry exhibition. She gave me some tips on baking and with some insights given by my baker friends I started baking cakes…cupcakes to be precise. My first day in baking was a disaster, i was not even aware of handling the oven, let alone mixing the ingredients correctly and preparing the batter. On the first day, my cupcakes never saw the light of the day and they died a martyr’s death to make way for a passionate baker in the making. It’s been close to an year that I have been into baking.

Recently, I have re-discovered the joy of writing, and rather than wasting time on gossips and other mundane things I am writing regularly and continuously, I am achieving more day-in and day-out. Writing is becoming my passion indeed.

These days I am in a different frame of mind, in fact one of the best phase of life where I am enjoying the struggle, where I am able to see beyond what mortal eyes can see. I am pumped up to become what I really am and in search of success become the real me.

I am working on my three passions: To inspire others, to become the best trainer and motivational speaker; and to bake the best cupcakes in the world. And to write to inspire, to ignite a thought in my fellow readers. So, what are your passions? Are you working on them? Are you working on them hard?


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