Of Teachers and Life!

Recently we celebrated Teacher’s day and I am little bit late to write this piece but its always better late than never. During our school days we assumed the role of our teachers for the day, pick our favorite subject and go to the junior standards and take their respective classes. I would pick drawing as a subject for the day and show our juniors different tricks and tips of sketching. School days are always fun, and you take the memories right to your grave. During those 12 years teachers came in plenty, taught us various chapters of life besides their subjects. Some were humble, some were proud, some were human, and some were stout. I wasn’t aware of all these accumulated learnings but I gradually realized them when I was turning the pages of life.

I was fortunate enough to meet teachers from both walks of life or so they say it; material and spiritual. Both had its own charm and flaws. Moreover, you tend to meet countless number of people who leave you with some internal churn of thoughts and teach you quite more often if you welcome the learnings.

The people whom I met in different junctures of life, and in the interaction and the emotional exchanges that followed made me a part of what or who I am today. Whether some decisions were correct or otherwise did not matter because I guess at the end of the day eventually everything falls in place. If not for Vikram Aditya Choudhury (VC) I would never thought about public speaking as an area of development and work as a trainer in the years that followed. Interestingly, as a person I am an introvert and initially it took a lot of courage and self-talk to do what I wanted to do.

A lot had to change in me and a lot of realization was in store. In the meanwhile I made many friends, some stayed and some left, never to be seen again. They became teachers of life, some taught me the spirit of brotherhood, and the joy of giving. At the same time learned how friends become strangers in the vice of ego and betrayal.

If I see myself some years earlier I was very raw, full of potential but was unaware of my own traits. Pravat Rasaily (Bob da) came as a rescue whom I met in my first ever job hunt after failing and giving up the door-to-door book selling assignment. During those years I was emotionally vulnerable, i think the reason behind that was there was not enough mentoring during my teenage years. And I was in the impression that I could take this world all by myself. Remember, soldiers are nothing without their arsenal, even to fight bare hands they need to train themselves. I was out there without any ammunitions. From an admired trainer to someone being closest someone at one point of your life, Bob was amongst the first person who was quintessential in laying initial bricks of my foundation.

When I had my first ache of heart I was constantly telling myself when I find the right woman for myself she would be just perfect for me, and all i would is to just love her immensely and support in whatever way i can. I found exactly the one some years later and I am cherishing every moments with her. Before that I struggled and I had to learn my lessons the hard way. I was naive in my approach when it came to show my love and had great difficulty in expressing the emotions attached. When I met Radha I slowly picked up the ways, and realized how loving a person i can be.

You don’t meet people like Vrindapati Das everyday who is a Sanyasi in ISKCON. When my friend Debarun took me to him for the first time with millions questions in my head I was humbled with his appearance itself. Surrounded by books, enlightened persona, and a brilliant resonance radiating from his posture. Although I couldn’t ask too many questions as I was already flabbergasted, but his very presence made many of my doubts go away.

I know some years down the line I shall meet more people, learn from them and carry it in my heart and inspire others too. As far as I have understood life sends his representatives to teach you, to hold your hand and carry you in their shoulders. As long as your hands are open you will never fail to receive and learn from it. Keep Learning!


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  1. This is so much you Rajeev! Having known you closely I couldn’t every dot, and you writing about your vulnerability so openly in itself talks about your growth and inspiration in the right words. Blessed to have met you Rajeev, thanks for being a patient friend!!

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