Pulling Myself Up!

In this era of technology-driven global society it is both easy to get inspired and otherwise. Let me be true to myself if not to any, over the past couple of months I was trying hard to pull myself from the bed, I was hardly going for a jog or a walk. I was unknowingly shutting myself in my self-created corridors where I was assuming the role of being an ignorant of the ‘problem’ and meeting the solution(s) over time. Frankly, I was in a fix, if you follow some principles then inability to walk the talk yields constant poking from within, and until you put it into action it becomes all the more difficult for you.

The past couple of months I saw myself struggling, complaining, and overburdening myself. I felt constantly bombarded with negative motivation. Nevertheless one good thing was happening (I guess only thing that was a plus), I was trying to face the problems upfront, I couldn’t understand what was going around but I was showing up. I was not saying ‘no’ to anything that was coming my way. May be my involvement was not 100% but i was doing it somehow- that’s how you grow. In the process I also picked up an argument with people I was working with and reporting to.

In the past couple of days something changed, something that motivated me. Its not easy to define what was the element that did, but what matters is that it did. In a way I kind of discovered back the forgotten trait that I had. The dislike for the person whom I report to did not stop me from communicating my issues with him (always remember your dislike for the person doesn’t make the person bad; nor does it solve ‘your’ problem). After the discussion I felt lighter after ages, I felt the need to get up from the self-created depressive slumber, having the need to march ahead not to meet anyone’s expectation but my own. The very fact that I am writing right now is that I am motivated for the road ahead. I know some things that I worked upon so passionately will be gone soon, but some lessons will be learned and not forgotten.

Everyone is walking their map, going and moving ahead from one point to another. It’s just that some reach early and some take their own sweet time. But that’s the beauty of it. Life has so much to offer for all of us. Just hold on and show up. Things do change, for good or bad? That can only be shaped by you.

P.S. Stepometer is keeping me motivated to wake up and go for a jog.



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