Define your greatness!

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Define your greatness!

Over the past two weeks I have burnt 21,500 calories which is roughly 2.5 kilos of weight, and that means on an average loosing approximately 1 kilos per week. That's not bad at all. Going by the data I believe I shall get there what I am set to do and in the process transform... Continue Reading →

Of Teachers and Life!

Recently we celebrated Teacher's day and I am little bit late to write this piece but its always better late than never. During our school days we assumed the role of our teachers for the day, pick our favorite subject and go to the junior standards and take their respective classes. I would pick drawing... Continue Reading →

Pulling Myself Up!

In┬áthis era of technology-driven global society it is both easy to get inspired and otherwise. Let me be true to myself if not to any, over the past couple of months I was trying hard to pull myself from the bed, I was hardly going for a jog or a walk. I was unknowingly shutting... Continue Reading →

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