Taller than the Men’s heels


I like women who stand tall in their views, and it does feel nice that we are almost done with the phase where womenfolk would answer the men mildly standing behind the curtains. But now, youths and women in particular are voicing out their opinions freely. Ideas take birth and subsequently their counter-ideas are formed as well only to replace the earlier ones. But, I feel this 360* degree shift also calls to shake our invisible prejudices which sticks to us like our shadows.  New thoughts are formed faster than a skin cell getting replaced with a new one. However, I am just too curious to know what the male counterpart think. Is the male psyche confident enough to tame the yin energy or will he break apart in his own created ‘pain-ego’  which is also known as the male-ego.

There’s no doubt in my mind that there are empathizing males who don’t shy away from doing the household chores, babysitting for their kids all day while their better half are out for a day job, to prepare the meal, to prepare the monthly grocery budget and much more. However, a male is a complex being where he is surrounded by his own insecurities, doubts, and self-assumed shortcomings. He gets insecure when his wife earns more than him, he feels less confident when his better half looks taller than him in her heels, and he suffers a sense of low self-esteem when his lady is more extrovert than him.

My fiancé after getting into a reputed social science institute preaches more about feminism now. She says we live in a post-modern world where we approach modernity with sensibility; at least we have started to introspect on this. I agree about the post-modern thought, however, what I don’t understand is we fail to create a holistic equality where there is equal space for both men and women. Right now, we are confused about the empowerment of women. Although, the world surely needs the feminist crusaders to push the women empowerment in practice, but in its push we are very much loosing the foreground of feminism. Then, what is feminism in its truest sense, is it the race against competing with men for equality, but then we will still be comparing women with men, and comparing these two separate entities doesn’t really help much as both have different purposes to fulfill. Let’s try to understand this with an example: we very well understand the usage of a lock and key, we use it to lock a door or a case where our valuables are kept. A lock when stands alone don’t have any value and its existence is solely depended on the key, and a key don’t have any identity of its own unless inserted in the lock. Similarly, when men and women are in sync with each other it can open up the door to that garden of ultimate truth which everyone is looking out for.

Times are only changing to make the matter worse for men because in his quest to understand the nature he is only harming her more. Men’s thirst for more is only making him subdued, as in the process he is forgetting in ignorance that he will never be able to chain her. That he could hurt her but could not cease her existence, because the existence of men depends on the nature but hers is not. Nature herself is a self sustaining energy which needs no yang for her being. Having said that, without the intercourse of these two energies the world will stop running, rather, it is not possible. Interaction between yin and yang is continuous but right now there is a serious imbalance between the two and this instability will only increase further.

Further, women empowerment is much more than #mychoice fever, it is more than having the freedom to have sex with anyone or not having it at all. Or is it that our understanding of women empowerment has become limited to only sex alone? Stephen Covey beautifully described what freedom really means. He described three stages to freedom namely: dependence, independence, and interdependence. No one wants to remain dependent on others for their well being, and this leads to the push for ‘independence’, but interestingly no one can say that we can live in isolation to one another. What is independence then? Real independence leads to ‘interdependence’ wherein we collaborate with other beings, we communicate, we imbibe, and we nourish each other. The world as we know it now is trying to function in isolation. Men have been trying to dominate the female (nature) for so long, and this is being revolted now by women with the same force.

To be contd…


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